Four Seasons Chimney Service, Inc. is a FULL SERVICE chimney company. Not only do we offer chimney sweeping, but we are proud to be able to offer our expertise with a host of chimney and venting issues.

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Chimney Inspection

A Chimney Inspection is one of the most important services we offer; and, one of the most misunderstood. There are several reasons for which we are called to inspect a chimney or venting system

For more information, visit our Chimney Inspection page.

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Chimney Liners

For more information, visit our Chimney Liners page.

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Chimney Restoration

For more information, visit our Chimney Restoration page.

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Damper Repair

There are several styles of damper that sit just above the fire-area and we can help you repair them when broken. Or, when they can’t be fixed, we can install a new one for you.

For more information, visit our Damper Repair page.

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Draft and Smoke

If your stove or fireplace smokes or doesn’t run properly, don’t lose hope of having a hassle-free experience. We can help!

Over the years, we have seen all kinds of smoking problems: Some appliances smoke when the weather is wet, some smoke when it’s especially windy outdoors, some smoke enters the home in some other part of the house – and in some cases, it just seems impossible ever to have a cozy fire without smoking up the house.

The good news is that many smoking problems can be solved. The trick is to understand not only the fireplace or stove, but to understand the whole picture: the appliance, the chimney, the house, and the surroundings. We will evaluate the entire system, and advise you on what’s wrong, and how it can be fixed.

It may be that all you need is a good chimney cleaning. But if another remedy is needed, we will explain what’s happening, and provide you with a quote. We offer a full range of repair services for smoking problems.

So don’t give up on the idea of having a cozy fire during the holidays! Call us for an appointment to come and evaluate your chimney system.

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Masonry Repairs

For more information, visit our Masonry Repair page.

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Stove Installation

Are you ready to try to lower your heating costs? Many New England families have already installed a wood or coal stove, or perhaps a pellet stove, in an attempt to beat our northeast heating bills.

Four Seasons Chimney Service has valuable experience with stove installation in a variety of configurations. This experience will benefit you as a homeowner considering the purchase of a stove.

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Sweep Chimneys

This is what most people think of when they think of a chimney sweep. Although the chimney sweep no longer arrives at your home with a top hat and tails, we understand that shaking hands with a chimney sweep is still good luck!

If you have a fireplace or a wood stove, then you probably already know how valuable this service is to you. Like most people who use their fireplace or wood stove, you have certainly heard the mantra: Your chimney should be inspected yearly and swept if necessary.

But you can certainly benefit from our service even if you only have a gas or oil furnace or perhaps a gas or oil boiler. Too often people overlook having these chimneys swept until confronted with a major problem. If you would like to know why these chimneys should be cleaned, just give us a call and we’ll explain it.

When you think of chimney cleaning, you probably think of a guy on the roof with a brush and long poles. We still use chimney brushes and rods, but we also have newer tools that allow us to do an even more thorough job cleaning your chimney system. The “rotary loop” power system we use applies just the right pressure to scour the inside of the chimney, and allows us to get into all the little chinks and nooks that a simple brushing might miss.

It’s chimney cleaning technology for the 21st century. Ask us about rotary cleaning!

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Video Inspection

One of the important services we provide is an inspection of the chimney system before a home is purchased to detect any problems that could be missed during a general home inspection.

For more information, visit our Video Inspection page.

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Wood Stove Insert Installation

Wood Stove Insert: The picture below shows a wood stove sitting in (or in front of) a fireplace. Note the pipe coming out of the back of the wood stove and going up the chimney. To clean such an installation requires more time than to clean a wood stove that is not connected to a fireplace.

Although there may be various names for the setup pictured, it is important to note that the distinguishing factor is the involvement of the fireplace.

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Have you seen chimneys that seem to be crumbling, or have bricks missing? Often this type of deterioration is caused by water: Water soaks into the chimney every time it rains, and during the cold winter months, the chimney is subjected to regular freeze-thaw cycles. Since water expands when it freezes, these freeze-thaw cycles gradually break apart the mortar between the bricks – and in some cases, the bricks themselves. Eventually, the chimney has to be rebuilt, at great expense.

For more information, visit our Waterproofing page.

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