Engine 37: Fenway

This firehouse was opened on October 11, 1933 when Engine Company 37, Ladder Company 26, and (then) District 8 moved in from their former quarters at 352 Longwood Avenue, Fenway. The firehouse is located at 560 Huntington Avenue, near the corner of Ruggles Street in the Roxbury section of the city. The old firehouse at 352 Longwood Avenue was demolished in 2008.

Engine 37 and Ladder 26 have a large response area covering the Fenway, Roxbury, South End and Back Bay areas of the city. The fire companies are known as the Huntington Avenue Express.

The District Fire Chief of District 5 shares quarters in this firehouse.

Plaques are mounted on the exterior of the firehouse to commemorate firefighters who died in the Line Of Duty.

Ladder 26 was de-activated on November 18, 1970 and in its place Aerial Tower 2 was organized. Aerial Tower 2 was de-activated in 1977 and Ladder 26 was reorganized in its place.

Engine 37 has often been the busiest engine company in the city on a yearly basis. The company responds to approximately 3900 incidents per year. Ladder 26 is also a very busy company, responding to approximately 3800 incidents per year.