Chimney Liners

Inside your chimney there is a passageway for products of combustion to leave your home when you operate your furnace, fireplace, or wood stove. This passage way is called a ‘flue.’ Sometimes your flue develops a problem that allows these dangerous gases to enter your home instead of exiting the chimney at the roof. When this happens, you have a serious problem which needs to be corrected.

Frequently, a flue liner can be inserted into the chimney to contain the combustion products and help them leave your home safely. At Four Seasons Chimney Service, we have been installing metal chimneys for a very long time and would be glad to speak with you about which chimney liner might be best for your home.

These are some photos we took of a flue liner installation for one of our customers. They should give you an idea of what we do.

Although we prefer to install a flue liner on a sunny spring afternoon or a cool summer morning, we are prepared with proper equipment to work in all types of weather. After all, we areĀ Four Seasons Chimney!


A Summer Flue Liner Installation ~ with a view!
Four Seasons Chimney Service not only works on single family homes such as the one seen above, we also work on larger complexes throughout the metropolitan Boston area. As you try to keep your gaze off the Boston skyline, you will notice that this project requires installing a number of metal liners in various chimneys.

Overview of a Chimney Flue Liner Installation